If you have been injured on the job and a doctor has ordered you to be completely off work in order to heal from your condition, or if your doctor has released you to work with light duty restrictions that your employer is unable or unwilling to accomodate, then you are entitled to receive Temporary Total Disability benefits (TTD) from your employer or its insurance carrier until you return to work or reach Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI). 


The TTD benefit is equal to 2/3 (66 2/3%) of your Average Weekly Wage (AWW) subject to minimum and maximum limits, and the first payment should be made within 14 days after your employer receives notice of your injury.  The AWW is based on your gross (pre-tax) wages during the 52 weeks before the date of your work injury. Because the calculation of your AWW can be complicated in its own right and can affect the amount of all Worker's Compensation benefits that you may be eligible to receive, having an experienced Workers' Compensation attorney on your side is crucial in order to make sure that you receive the maximum amount of benefts that you are owed.  


If your employer does not pay TTD promptly and cannot justify the delay, or if it stops paying you benefits at any point while your doctor continues to keep you off work, Contact ROBIN LAW OFFICE to fight for this and all other Workers' Compensation benefits on your behalf.