The pain, fear, and anxiety that an injured worker may experience following an accident at work can be completely overwhelming, and not knowing your rights or how to protect them can be the scariest part.  With over twenty years of experience in aggressively representing injured workers throughout the State of Illinois, Shawn Robin wants to assure you that this doesn't need to be the case.


ROBIN LAW OFFICE exists for one purpose only - to protect the rights of those who have been injured on the job.  Shawn works tirelessly to ensure that his clients receive each and every Workers' Compensation benefit that they may be owed by their employer, while also treating them with the respect and compassion that they deserve while enduring this difficult experience.  Whether it's getting medical treatment approved and paid for by the insurance company, recovering lost time benefits that are overdue, protecting against the loss of future earnings due to a permanent inability to return to work, or obtaining a settlement for the permanent nature of your injury(s), Shawn is here to help.


If you, or someone you know or love is getting the runaround from an employer or its insurance company following a work-related injury, or if you are simply unsure as to whether you are receiving all of the Workers' Compensation benefits that you may be entitled to under Illinois law, then you have come to the right place.  After all, your employer and its insurance carrier have lawyers looking out for their interests.  Shouldn't you have an experienced Workers' Compensation attorney looking out for yours?